Thursday, 31 March 2011

The Advantages and Disadvantages of instant messaging

Instant Messaging

·                  You don’t have to wait for a response like email text – the person you are communicating with is normally connected to the site
·                  It’s free you don’t have to pay for it
·                  You can monitor who talk to means you an make sure that only friends you except
·                  You can control what information you wish to share with people
·                  Saying one thing and meaning another when you can be misunderstood
·                  Distractive- like when you are trying to get work done and chat to friend instead
·                  Can be addictive and when you are with others rather than focusing on what they are saying you could be IMS on the phone or ITouch for example you can’t see or hear the person voice, no emotional contact.
·                  Viruses you could open a link and allow something to get into the computer
·                  Hacking- Someone could break into your computer and find things out things about you
·                  Impersonating- someone could make account and pretend that it’s someone else than who you think it is.
·                  Very dangerous for young people who will trust others easily and be taken advantage off.


  1. great points. i cant thijk of anything else i could add to that

  2. best points. i can understand it very well. thanks a lot

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